This month we have had cadets away on leadership courses to gain the extra skill needed for promotions. Here is CPO Martin’s account of the Senior NCO course in Burnham:

“RILD, GSMEAC  and INTROSH, these were the acronyms I had to learn while I was on my SNCO Couse. I was one of 5 cadets from Dunedin who travelled by bus up to Burnham military camp  to take place in a week’s training that would  see if we had what it takes to become SNCO’s at our unit. The course consists of three terminals, the first one being functional leadership where you had to give and a GSMEAC (Ground, Situation, Mission, Equipment, Admin and Coms) brief and lead your team to complete a task. The 2nd one was planning and doing a Lesson on a topic that you were given. The third and last terminal   was conducting Parade drill.  The highlight for me was learning all of the new skills taught to you that you need to use in order to pass the terminals and how the officers told you ways you can use these skills outside of Cadet Forces.”

TS Nimrod would also like to thank the Chalmers Community Board for their generous grant allowing us to purchase 10 new buoyancy aids for the unit.

Sea Cadets are a community funded organisation and we could not function without grants and donations from the community. If you would like to make a donation, large or small, please contact our treasurer using the Contact link above.

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