Highlights this month at TS Nimrod have included a great promotion parade, some interesting training and a visit from the Area Commander.

Our winter terms are often given over to the more formal aspects of training since it’s too cold and dark to have fun out on the water. Parades, where cadets wear formal uniforms and are inspected as a Ship’s Company before something like an award ceremony or promotions, are one of the more impressive parts of this winter training. At the beginning of the term we held a parade for the promotion of several cadets, to which family and friends were invited. We also held a supper afterwards so that family could meet the committee and officers.

Not all winter training is formal though – we have been doing plenty of leadership exercises where a leader is assigned to take a team through a challenge. Some of these can be quite funny to watch and can involve interesting twists like having a blindfolded team or working with buckets full of water which nobody is allowed to directly touch. These give the Junior NCOs a chance to put into practice all the skills they gained at the leadership courses in Burnham.

Also based at Burnham is our Area Office where CAPT Rankin, our Area Commander, is based. At times throughout the year he travels to visit the cadet units in the South Island. We were lucky enough to receive a visit this week and were able to show off the great hall which the Watersiders’ Union kindly let us use during the winter. CAPT Rankin seemed very happy with how the unit is going and all the improvements we’ve made this year.

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