August is often a relatively quiet month for us, with winter training well underway and some wild weather to keep us on our toes. This month we have started a project led by CAPT Weir, of Dunedin Cadet Unit, to mark both the 150th anniversary of Cadet Forces in New Zealand and 100 years since the beginning of the Great War. The project involves cadets getting to know more about their own family history, which is lots of fun, and we’re lucky enough to have the great resources at Port Chalmers Library available to us on Thursday evenings.

The Unit Support Committee has been hard at work as usual, with raising funds, liaising with other community groups and keeping the unit ticking over smoothly. The national body of the organisation, SCANZ, is undergoing a few big changes so we enter into exciting times for Sea Cadets. Now would be a great time to contact us if you’ve been thinking about getting involved, whether on a small or large scale. You can email for more information. We also love to hear from Nimrod’s ex-cadets and officers so if you’ve been involved with the unit in the past please drop us a line or head to our Facebook page: – you don’t have to have a Facebook account to view our most recent news and photos of our adventures.

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