October has been a great month for us because we’re back on the water. Our first attempts at sailing “321” were a bit premature – we decided to give it a go despite there being very little wind. Luckily 321, a 17-foot fibreglass Crown sailing dinghy, is just as suited to pulling as to sailing so out came the oars and we made the most of a beautiful evening at back beach. It also meant we got the chance to check all the rigging, and of course the cadets took the opportunity to have a swim.

Being out in the Crown also means running a safety boat, so we got to give Echo 1 a good run as well. Echo 1 is a 4.5m Naiad we have on loan from the Area HQ until we can raise enough funds to replace our old Smart Wave which doesn’t meet our needs as a safety vessel. Echo 1 is great fun, and we were able to take her near to the basin to view Oosterdam from the water. The cruise ships look even bigger from a Naiad than they do from the shore!

The summer season doesn’t mean forgetting about the more formal aspects of being Sea Cadets though. Preparations for the Parade of National Significance went on behind the scenes all month – more on this event in the next issue.

Lastly we would like to welcome aboard LWEF Barry Harwood of HMNZS Toroa Naval Reserves, who is now parading with us as an instructor and brings his much appreciated Naval expertise to our training.

321 under sail
321 under sail


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