We are off to a good start for 2015 with plenty of activities planned to make the most of the remaining summer term. Sunny Thursday evenings have us out on the water so we can give the new cadets a taste of all the different water activities we do: sailing (of course), pulling, swimming, jetty jumping at high tide, power boating and, a favourite, tubing towing an inner tube behind the powerboat.

 In the warmer months we also take advantage of weekends to have some fun. Weekend activities include things like a day sail, camping, expeditions and sailing races. Our favourite day sail routine is to sail out from Back Beach, play cricket or football on the sand bank, anchor at Aramoana Spit Beach for a picnic and beach games and then sail back again.

Boot camp for the new cadets is a good excuse for us to plan training and fun for a whole weekend. Staying overnight means we can do night-ex such as a good game of Spotlight, and having whole days to play with allows us to get in some orienteering and other land based training as well as getting out on the water.

 This year we also hope to revive some of the traditional sailing races with HMNZS Toroa, TS Waireka and other local groups.

 Keep an eye on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/tsnimrod) for pictures of our adventures.

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