It’s been a busy month for TS Nimrod with new cadets joining, weekend training and preparation for the South Island Regatta. The regatta sees the four sea cadet units from the Southern Area come together in Christchurch to compete in activities which test a wide range of the skills and knowledge taught at unit level. Events include pulling, sailing, seamanship, navigation, first aid, drill, rope work and range shooting.

TS Nimrod put in a quality performance, coming first in the pulling (rowing) event and placing well in other events. The team unfortunately didn’t place overall, but some of the younger team members had the opportunity to shine; particularly in the sailing events where less experienced team members must try their hand on the tiller.

Our focus as winter terms approach will be on polishing our ceremonial skills for ANZAC day and swatting up on areas of improvement identified at the regatta. As always, we will be accepting new recruits at any time of year and interested persons are most welcome to visit us at Back Beach in the summer or the WIC hall in winter.

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