We are back at the Watersiders’ Hall for the winter terms and have been sorting through our uniform stores. Uniform used to be provided as Navy surplus but we now have to purchase items new, so we have a large collection of older uniform to keep track of in order to keep costs down. The cadets sorted items into type and size groups, and put aside anything that can’t be worn any more.

We have had one cadet already pass the Junior Non-commissioned Officer course and two more are due to go up to Burnham this upcoming school holidays. This course is the beginning of their formal leadership training, and can result in promotion to Leading Cadet. This means taking on some instructing and administrative roles as well as beginning to help set the tone for the unit in terms of self-discipline, drill, dress and bearing.

A big thanks is due to the Lions, who have been really helpful with stuff in the background such as helping to maintain our assets and ideas and help with fundraising. We really appreciate this kind of help, as it can be difficult to drum up support from the community at times.

Our AGM did not result in any new committee members, but we are still short of helpers. If you or anyone you know might be able to lend us a hand, especially with a bit of planning and organising, please contact us at ts.nimrod@cadetforces.org.nz and let us know.

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