This past month has seen the leaders of TS Nimrod travelling all over the place to connect in various ways with our national organisations.

At the end of July I spent a weekend at RNZAF Base Ohakea near Palmerston North at the Unit Commanders Conference. There we discussed the future of the Sea Cadet training syllabus and the importance of seamanship skills and Naval tradition as our points of difference from sailing clubs and scouts. We also undertook a fitness test, which was designed to ensure all serving officers are physically fit to act appropriately in an emergency situation.

Two weeks later the Chair of our Unit Support Committee and I attended the Sea Cadet Association of New Zealand (SCANZ) conference at HMNZS Philomel, Devonport Navy Base. According to the Cadet Forces Charter of Support, all units are run as a partnership between the Defence Forces and the civilian community, and SCANZ is the national organisation for the civilian representation in the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC).

At the Navy base we discussed the way the SCC is funded, welcomed new committee members from around the country and had a question and answer session with the SCANZ executive and the NZCF Commandant. We also had the opportunity to talk to many high-ranking Naval personnel, including the Warrant Officer of the Navy himself. He gave us a tour of the new Seamanship Centre and showed us around the docks where many of our Navy’s ships happened to be alongside for various reasons.

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