This term a new intake of cadets has arrived. The New Entrant training programme is now underway, and recruits have started to learn drill, parade night routine, marks of respect (calling people by their rank and surname) and have completed a swim test. Next they will earn about knots and basic first aid before the NE camp. After that they can apply to be promoted to Ordinary Cadet and learn about uniform care and begin their boating qualifications.

We have two New Entrant intakes per year: one in November and one in February. Recruits must be 13, or 12 if they are starting high school in term 1. The recommended process for joining is to first attend an opening night and then to visit once or twice before the date of the intake. Opening nights happen twice a year – once in term 3 and once in term 1.

We recommend that parents or caregivers also attend the opening night and come along on a visit or two. Sea Cadets is not like a sport at school, and is certainly not a babysitting service! We rely on family members to help out in a variety of ways: at the very least we need cadets to be encouraged at home to be properly committed and turn up every week with the proper equipment. We can’t teach commitment if the cadets don’t show up! We also rely on having helpers on the Unit Support Committee, otherwise the unit can’t run properly.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit or look us up on Facebook.

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