The People at TS Nimrod

TS Nimrod consists of a wide range of very dedicated and hard working people whose common aim is to provide a great learning experience for the youth of Port Chalmers. Below you’ll find an outline of the personnel who make up the Cadet Forces members of the unit.


The officers in a cadet unit are awarded a Cadet Forces Commission on completion of the appropriate training.

TS Nimrod also has Under Officers (formerly known at Master Cadets) who are officers in training and are working their way towards earning a commission.

The unit currently has three Officers. All of our officers have years of experience either at TS Nimrod or in the RNZN.


Non-Commissioned Officers are the ranks between Leading Cadet and Under Officer. To gain these ranks, cadets attend regional promotion courses where they receive intensive training in leadership, drill, instructional technique and administration.

TS Nimrod has many NCOs and many more to come. Several NCOs in the unit go on to become officers.


The real core of the unit are the young people who are here to learn life skills they’d never get elsewhere. Cadets are what it’s all about, and everyone is on board to make surte they have a good time.

TS Nimrod has had relatively strong numbers of cadets in recent years, and many life friendships have been made.

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