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Summer 2018-19 intake 1


ALL NEW RECRUITS: start date for our new intake is Thursday 06 December at the T.S. Nimrod boat shed at Back Beach. Recruits are to bring swimming gear, towel and warm clothing.

TIME: 6.45pm to 9.10pm

At least one caregiver is expected to attend—an application form and permission slip will be handed out on the night.

Anyone aged 12-and-a-half (up to 15) or starting at least year 9 next year is welcome. It’s best to come in at least a pair so you know someone in your first weeks, but individuals are of course welcome.

JOIN NOW to have the chance to go to Cadet 2020 adventure camp! (requires 40 parades attendance)

For more information please contact us

New Recruit Intake Coming Up!

If you know someone who might be interested in joining and they are starting high school this year (or they are already 13) then it’s time to act. Our recruiting intake in November 2017 are graduating to Ordinary Cadet rank and we are starting another intake on 22 February.

What you need to do: you might like to visit the unit first to see if it’s your kind of thing. Just flick us a text or email, or give us a call, and arrange to come down to the boat shed on a Thursday. We start as soon as the school term starts.

If you are then interested in joining, just show up at 6.45pm on 22 February with a parent or guardian to do the paperwork (they won’t have to stay the whole time). We will finish just after 9pm.

Want more information? Have a look around to see what’s involved and what opportunities we have to offer.