Frequently asked questions

Can I join if I’m not 13?

Technically you have to be 13 or in your first year of high school to join a cadet unit. You can join of you’re older than that, but if you’re over 15 you’re likely to be out of step with the training programme. Contact the unit for more details.

How much will it cost?

At TS Nimrod we try to keep costs at an absolute minimum. There is an annual fee (usually paid term by term) which is reduced according to how many siblings are in the unit. There are small costs associated with camps and other activities, but there’s plenty of fun to be had for no extra cost.

What’s the difference between Cadets and Scouts?

Sea Cadets is not the same as Sea Scouts. Scouts tend to aim their activities at younger kids, and at Cadets we have a stronger military ‘flavour’. While many of our activities are water based, we also do a wide range of theory and land based training, whereas Scouts may have more focus on boats.

Are there other local Cadet Units?

Yes. There are four Cadet Forces units in the Dunedin area, but TS Nimrod is the only one based in Port Chalmers. TS Waireka is the other Sea Cadet unit in Dunedin and there is also an Army Cadet (DCU) and an Air Training Corps (42 Squadron) unit.

Where can I find out more?

The New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF) has a good website. 

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