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Training Ship

Through endurance we conquer.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for adventure to the youth of West Harbour, Dunedin.


What kinds of opportunities could our cadets be offered?


Why so cheap? The free items listed above are funded by the NZ Defence Forces Youth Development unit. We aim to keep other costs as low as possible in order to remove any barriers to being able to take advantage of the opportunities we offer.

The downside of this is that you might be tempted to think that cheap things aren’t quality things, but that’s a risk we are willing to take to achieve our mission.

What is the cost per term for? We have to charge a small amount per cadet in order to keep the doors open. Ongoing costs like power are difficult to find funding for. All the other things that cost us money require us to fundraise and apply for community grants.

More information

Head over to the About us page to learn more about who can join, parent’s/caregiver’s obligations, Unit structure and more.

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If you’d like to message us we’d be glad to hear from you! Questions? Ideas? Head over to the contact page and drop us a line.