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As we are now in the winter terms, Sea Cadet training will shift focus slightly to cover more ceremonial and theoretical material, but this does not mean being less hands-on! Ropework was identified as an area for improvement at the recent regatta, so cadets will learn useful bends and hitches and their applications on the water.

Ceremonial drill practice is also on the training plan, not least so we can provide a uniformed presence for Port Chalmers ANZAC parade. We cover static drill, marching and ceremonial rifle drill with a focus on accuracy, timing and uniformity. This, like many sports, teaches teamwork, attention to detail and self discipline. It’s a fun challenge and requires skill and practice to do well. It can also look very impressive.

Boating also comes with its own set of rules and knowledge required to carry out safely, so in the winter we cover these via the Day Skipper (Coastguard) qualification as well as in our own curriculum. This includes instruction on how to sail, such as how to set a sail according to wind direction. Navigation and communications are also important when boating, so we cover charts and radio telephony as well. Cadets will have the opportunity not only to gain their Day Skippers Ticket, but also a VHF radio operator’s license.

On top of these maritime qualifications, we also have the capacity to offer unit standards to cadets which can contribute towards NCEA credits and help to boost people towards gaining their school qualifications. Our junior and senior leaders will be polishing up their instructing skills, which is a very useful life skill to have experience in.