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The New Zealand Cadet Forces have recently undergone a small change in structure. I’ll take the opportunity this month to describe how Sea Cadets works.

Sea Cadets is one of three branches of Cadet Forces in NZ which align with our Regular Forces: we have a Navy theme, the NZ Cadet Corp (Army Cadets) align with the Army and the Air Training Corps (ATC) with the Air Force. All three of these branches exist under a Charter of Support, which is essentially a partnership between the NZ Defence Force and, in our case, the Sea Cadet Association of NZ (SCANZ) – a civilian body with charitable status.

This means that TS Nimrod is run under two organisational structures. The community, who elect to maintain an NZCF unit in Port Chalmers, provide the members of the local branch of SCANZ. This makes up our Unit Support Committee, which consists of a chairperson, secretary and treasurer, plus voting members. They run everything behind the scenes, including the unit’s finances.

The other structure is the NZCF side, which is where some small changes have been made recently. At unit level, the officer staff fill the roles of Unit Commander and Executive Officer. They in turn are guided by the Dunedin Area Support Officer (ASO), a new role brought in to provide a local link between units and to bring NZCF support physically closer to communities. The ASO liaises with NZCF Southern HQ in Burnham, which is staffed by Regular Force personnel. This structure is in charge of training and day-to-day operations.

So basically, TS Nimrod is run jointly by local members of both SCANZ and NZCF.



Although cadets only parade during the school term, the summer holidays still hold plenty of activity for TS Nimrod. We have courses to attend, equipment to maintain and administration to attend to, just for a start.

Two of our cadets attended (and one senior rate staffed) the Coxswain’s Course in Auckland these holidays to gain qualifications to be in charge of a sailing boat. This means they’re spending the week in and on the warm waters of Army Bay having a great time and will come back ready to help us teach new cadets how to sail. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures.

The Unit Support Committee has been busy as usual organising funding, activities and equipment to give the cadets the best experiences possible for 2015. This involves meetings and paperwork, of course, but its well worth the effort to see young people having such fun on the water.

The other administrative activity happening over the break is the admin officer working to improve our communications. This means we are building proper contact lists and streamlining the way we contact cadets, families and the community. We now have various ways for people to connect with the unit:

Website: https://tsnimrod.wordpress.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tsnimrod

NEW Mailing list: sign up for our alumni/community mailing list by visiting our Facebook page and going to the “Email Signup” tab under the main photo. You don’t have to be a member of Facebook – it will just act like a normal web page.